Touch Of The Master’s Hand

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Yesterday, I had my first violin lesson! Unfortunately, I don’t have my own violin, so I borrowed our teacher’s. I learned what the notes of the strings are, and I’m still learning how not to squeak 😄.

We practiced on the D string and how to transfer to the E note by using your index finger on the D string. Confusing yet? Oh well. It’s hard for me to explain stuff like that in typing.

Deana and I practicing. If you want to view her blog, click here.

My wonderful cousin, Deana, is also taking lessons. She has a lovely, old violin that was restored. When she bought it, it wasn’t the most beautiful thing- it had scratches all over it, and it was in pretty bad condition. Now it is beautiful, and has such sweet, deep tones! If you read the poem above, then you see how this ties in with our souls. We weren’t much to look at. Worthless, battered, scarred. We were a mess! So when the devil tried to sell us off cheap, Jesus Christ humbly came, gently took us into His sweet hands, and it doesn’t matter how bad we looked, what we poor things had gone through, the Master loved us so much, that He put our lives in tune! He restored us to a place of beauty, and because He touched us, we will never be the same! Now we are worth much more. Notice it is not because of anything we did, but it was because He did the work in us!

Please share an experience when the Master’s hand touched you!

2 thoughts on “Touch Of The Master’s Hand

  1. I am so thankful to the Lord for you. You have a loving heart & you’ve grown into a beautiful young lady, inside & out. You are a wonderful blessing & witness as you live for the Lord. God has also given you a wonderful musical talent. Continue to use both, your love & your musical talent, to serve the Lord. God Bless You! I Love you💜


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