Spring Cleaning And Benefit Dinners

Ahhh… I LOVE Spring! When it finally starts warming up after a long winter, the birds start bursting with joyful tweets, lovely flowers start peeping their pretty little heads above the soil, we get lots of warm and sunshiny days, and after we have a drink of rain, the air is so fresh and clean! And speaking of clean… That’s what we did part of our day yesterday.

All year long we want clean houses, but spring seems to have that clean, organizey feel (yes, I made up the word organizey). Our minds start thinking, “Get rid of this, get rid of that! Do you really think you need to keep that ugly pair of shoes just because it was the first pair you bought with your own money?” Sorry that last part was lame, but you get the point… Right? So with cleaning, you must have organization. They go hand in hand. I think the old saying, “A place for everything (that’s the organizing part), and everything in its place (and that part is about cleaning)” kinda sums up what I mean. No, I don’t enjoy cleaning at all, but I hate the result of not cleaning worse!

You know about that satisfying feeling of accomplishment when you finish cleaning something really well? I think that’s how happy God must feel, and EVER SO MUCH HAPPIER, when someone allows Him to clean their lives up. As said in previous posts, God doesn’t do things halfway, but goes all the way through to the end! If you ask Him to clean you up, rest assured that He will do it, and He will finish it! He doesn’t care how “messy” and “unorganized” you are, you become His house, and that means He won’t stand for a home unclean. Sometimes the scrubbing may hurt, but it’s scouring you out, and you will be ever so much better! Then it’s time to permanently get rid of the garbage! This includes making things right with people you wronged, and literally getting rid of the things that aren’t godly. It is a sacrifice, but it is the best thing for us, as well.

Onto other topics, we went to an Amish benefit dinner yesterday. The food was really yummy!

Mashed potatoes, chicken, corn, and home-style pasta!

I visited with some of my Amish friends when they got a break, as well as chatted with some of my family that came. After the dinner, some of the cousins, an aunt, an uncle, and my grandma came over. We took a short walk to “walk off the pie!” I didn’t eat any pie, because I am trying to stay away from refined white sugar as much as possible! Maybe I will do a post about that sometime to help you understand exactly what I am trying to do. So anyway, it was a rather enjoyable evening.

Do you have any spring cleaning stories you’d like to share? Have you ever been to any kind of Benefit? I’d love to hear about it!


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