Babysitting Fun

I was asked to assist my cousin with a babysitting job, and since I love children, I try to take as many babysitting opportunities as I can.

We had pizza for dinner and they had ice cream for dessert. I, on the other hand, attempted to make a THM peanutbutter shake. F-A-I-L! Epically failed 😶. I wanted mine to be a little different from the one in the book, but I started with the basics. One cup of water. Okay, in the blender! Next it called for peanut flour. I used normal peanutbutter instead. A bit of glucci. Then it called for a bunch of other ingredients I didn’t even know existed! So I skipped those parts. I used real maple syrup for the sweetener. Mixed all that together, and you have peanutbutter water! Absolutely gross. Don’t even do that for a prank on your worst enemy. I should have used regular milk instead… So to make it better, I put a scoop of cocoa powder and some ice cubes. It was totally bitter. More maple syrup, please! And peanutbutter! It was finally tolerable after that, but I can honestly say that was one shake I just couldn’t wait to be finished with!

Next, we visited the miniature zoo in their one daughter’s room. She loves animals!

Has anyone ever held a chinchilla before? They are SUPER soft!


We tried to play Guesstures for a little bit, but that wasn’t too popular, so we decided to take a walk (in a slight drizzle) to their grandparent’s house and visit the horses. I rather enjoyed myself. We  went back to the house and I went outside with one of the boys to “put the turkeys to bed”. None were roosting, so we went back inside. Maybe the turkeys thought it was too early to go to bed. Who knows? Then, we watched the new Charlie Brown. Hm, it was ok, but I have seen better movies! Oh well, we had fun anyway!

Last night while going to bed, I was listening to a sermon by William Branham called “Conference With God”. It was very encouraging!

“Talk it over with Him tonight, friend. Just a few words will mean so much. Let us bow our heads, just a moment now. I’d like for each one of you to think in your heart, “Am I worth anything?” Sure you are. God loves you; look what He gave for you.Oh, how do I know He will receive you? The very thought of you recognizing that you’re wrong, is the facts that Christ is dealing with you. He said, “No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first.” That shows that God’s right near you, drawing you. He wants to hold a little conference with you, there in your seat, or out in your cars. The Holy Spirit… Oh, I know it seems simple. I’ve heard that before you. But it’s the truth. He wants to hold a little conference with you now and just talk it over with you.”

60-0108 – “Conference With God”
Rev. William Marrion Branham

Do you have a humorous babysitting story you’d like to tell? How about a quote that has really inspired you?

One thought on “Babysitting Fun

  1. I have been blessed to have babysitted my grandchildren for over 20 yrs! Not only did I have the best job but I got to watch my grandchildren grow almost daily. I have 17 grandchild & they have been a great blessing to me. I love everyone & am so thankful for them. May God continue to lead them & keep them in the palm of His hand💜


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