Support Our Troops!

Alright, readers, I am going to do something a little different today. I am doing a book review.

Steel Will by Sgt. Shilo Harris

I got this book on Christmas Day 2015, and am just now finishing it. I hadn’t started to really read it until recently because I was in the middle of a few other books (#bookwormproblems!), getting ready for graduation, stuff like that.

The name of this book is called Steel Will, and it is a 41 chapter autobiography by a soldier whose name is Staff Sgt. [Ret] Shilo Harris. He had a tough childhood, growing up with a dad who had also been a soldier. His father dealt with a serious issue called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Shilo also faced PTSD when he came home from war. This trauma is caused by seeing battle, such as warriors they were bound to in a brotherhood being murdered before their very eyes, hideous sights and sounds of war.

Anyway, while performing the “route clearance”, the vehicle that Staff Sgt. Harris and his four men were in “erupted”. Three of the five men died. The driver, whose name was Adam, and Shilo were the two that survived. Both men were dreadfully burned. Multiple surgeries and a lifetime of pain is what freedom cost these men, and many like them.

War is real, folks, and though I’ve never experienced it firsthand, or secondary either, I respect our troops that are willing to risk their lives to serve this country. I have had several relatives enter various branches of the military, and I am thankful to each one for their service. I am so blessed that each one is safe. My dad was in the Air Force when I was younger, but he got discharged, so I never had to deal with the possibility of him being called to active duty. I have been incredibly blessed to have my daddy home. He would have stayed with the Air Force if he could have. I can only imagine what my struggles would have been like had he stayed in the military. So to all you military families out there, I respect and thank you for your service. I realize that it is not just the soldier that sacrifices for his country, but his family also.

This book showed me that while I live in my own safe, little world, there are human beings who don’t even know me that are dying so I can keep my Freedom.

There is more to Sgt. Harris’s story, but the best thing I can tell you is to read it yourself. I recommend older readers, because of the injuries and such.

Sgt. Shilo Harris also shares how he learned to place his trust in God, despite all those traumatic experiences. Of course he still struggled, and often got depressed, but this story shows the grace of God.

Do you respect these troops, both men and women, as much as I do? Maybe you do even more, if you’ve experienced a story such as this.

I know of another Warrior who gave His life just to save you. Death stared you in the face, but He put His body in the way as a barrier between you and the enemy so you could live. How can anyone turn down the gift Jesus paid for with His own lifeblood?! Just accept the gift. There is no way we could repay the debt of gratitude, but all He asks is to return His love and affection.

Is there a certain soldier you would like to show your thanks to by sharing or commenting on this post? I am grateful for every life that was risked to ensure my freedom. Thank you, Soldier, whoever you are, if you happen to read this. God bless you!

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