Grad Weekend & Church Goings

I am going to tell you about the graduation party we went to Saturday. It was a bit chilly and windy since we were by a lake. All in all, we had fun, chatting and watching some people play football. I don’t play football, neither do I understand it very well,  but I don’t mind watching people I know playing it.

Sunday it snowed a little bit- in the middle of May! Oh well, I can’t complain because we have had a lot of nice weather lately.

We had a visiting minister from Arkansas, and he preached on the transformation by the renewing of our minds through the mercy of God. That evening he preached on “The Origin of the Believer”.

I never looked at it the way he presented it- our theophany (our spiritual or supernatural bodies) already did the practice round of what we are doing now. We are playing out the real thing in this drama of life.

He preached on a lot of what our pastor was saying about being Mighty Conquerors. The devil was defeated before the foundation of the earth was even laid. No matter how hard the devil tries to discourage you, or tries to tell you that you’re insignificant and unworthy, just remember, every word he says is a lie. The devil is a bluff, and he tries to make the lie look as close to the truth as possible; he makes the bad things look good, beautiful, and enticing.

The difference between God and the devil is that God can create, and everything He creates, is good. The devil, on the other hand, cannot create, but imitates and impersonates,  and he perverts the good things God made. For example, a lie is the truth perverted.

The devil is a counterfeiter. Whatever God makes is genuine, but there must be a genuine before there is a counterfeit.

Here’s a quote I found by a Rev. William Branham that I thought was very fitting with this subject:

“In your churches there’s people that’s real fanatics, religious fanatics, but that don’t mean that God isn’t real. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a real true Christian. It only indicates that there is a real one. If you had a bogus dollar, it’d have to be real sure fact that there was a real dollar that dollar was made off of. Is that right? If it isn’t, the bogus dollar would be the real dollar: the counterfeit. But being that there is a counterfeit, it only speaks of a real one. And when you see somebody acting like or pretending to be a Christian, it only means there is a real genuine Christian somewhere.” (“Seeking After Jesus” 53-0531)

Lord willing, tomorrow I will continue The Love Series. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with it… And my apologies that this post is so short. I hope you enjoy it anyhow.

How many graduation parties have attended or going to attend this year?

What is one thing that really struck you while hearing the Word of God preached?


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