The Love Series Part 6/Take Me Out To The Ball Game

1 Corinthians 13image

Part 6

“Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil.”          ~1 Corinthians 13:5

The word behave means “to act or  conduct oneself in a specified way, especially toward others.”

The origin of conduct means “to lead and/or guide.” That shows that however you behave yourself is an influence, even if you think no one is watching, there is an All-Seeing Eye watching you.

Unseemly– not proper or appropriate.

If the Bible says that love doesn’t behave itself unseemly, that means  we shouldn’t act or conduct ourselves in an improper and inappropriate way.

Some old sayings go “Your actions speak louder than words”; “I’d rather you live me a sermon than preach me one”; and “More is caught than is taught”. Those are so true! If you don’t live up to what you say, especially Christians, you will cause people to be confused, and no one will believe you, or trust you. You may turn someone away from coming to Christ.

“Seeketh not her own…”

I think that’s a pretty easy one to understand, but let’s look at it a little closer.

Seeketh– to attempt to find or desire to obtain or achieve something.

Own– particular to the individual mentioned.

Love does not desire to find things for her own well-being! She is not selfish! Would you think a selfish person or a humble person is more loving? Seems like a silly question, but think on it for a little bit. Make sure you are not the former, but the latter person.


Yesterday, Mr. C and his two cousins (all 3 are on the same team) had a baseball game. They lost by only 1 point! A lot of our family came to the game. Afterward, we went to my uncle’s house for root beer floats (yes, I ate sugar free!). There are also 2 more litters of kittens since the last time I was there.


I love it when the cousins, aunts, uncles, and the rest of the family are together. As for girl cousins, there are about seven of us in the same age group (the oldest and youngest being about 91/2- 10 years apart). And we all live in the same county! God is so good to have blessed me with such an awesome family!

What does your family like to do together?



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