That’s Just Beachy!

I’m writing this post about what I did today because I won’t be able to tomorrow. Some of our youth are going to a church function tomorrow out of state. I’ll be sure to try and tell you all about it Monday or Tuesday.

We went to a small lake about 20 minutes away, where there is a tiny beach. Sadly, several indecent people like to go to beaches. It is very nauseating.

Anyway, all of us kids went in the water. Armed with floating devices and pool noodles, we played in the cold and shallow water. Even Baby I dipped his feet for a few seconds. He didn’t really appreciate sand and cool water on his little toes, though.

Here is a collage I put together for you!


The boys (Mr. C and his two younger cousins) had fun playing in the sand.

Did you know that a body of water is a type of how God gives His elect Bride His Spirit? Here is an excerpt from Reverend William Branham that might help you to understand.

“Listen! ‘And as the Father sent Me, so do I send you.’ He don’t only send you, but He goes with you. ‘I’ll be with you, even in you, unto the end of the world.’ All that was in God was poured out in Christ; and all that was in Christ was emptied out into the believer, the Church. God is with you. “Lo, I am with thee always, even to the end of the world.” That’s the declaration of God’s Word. That’s what the Bible says. That’s what I believe.”

~ 55-0410m – “Proof Of His Resurrection”
Rev. William Marrion Branham

It is like an ocean, or any body of water- that represents God. If you take one spoonful of that water, the same exact elements in that spoon are the same as the entire ocean! God is endless, and if each of us is a spoon He can use to give us some of Himself, we have the same Spirit dwelling inside of us.

After we left the dinky little beach, my family went to a plant nursery and got a few starter plants. Miss H and Mr. C played on the little playground there.

This evening, we plan on playing a game of Settlers Catan. We usually don’t play the fancy ones, although I have played Cities and Knights Settlers Catan, and enjoyed it much. I have played the normal Settlers many times, and have never won. I get super close, though! Maybe I’ll win tonight.

Mr. D and I must get up somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30 tomorrow morning to prepare and go to that church function I was telling you about earlier. I am excited to go!

Do you like to go to the beach? Have you ever played Settlers Catan? How often to you go to special church services or get-togethers?

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