Californian Cousin/Sharp Shootin’/Hassle Of The Tassel

i didn’t get home until like, 4:45 Thursday morning! You know why?

I went with one of my aunts to pick up to pick up her son from the airport! Deana and her sister went along, too.

It all started before church Wednesday evening. We got a call saying that we wouldn’t be able to drive/park/walk on our parking lot, and that we’d have to park at a place down the road.

Some walked the small distance to church from where they parked, while others lent their vehicles to be used as a mini shuttle service.

We had a visiting minister from India to preach for us Wednesday. He has been visiting our church every year for as long as I can remember. This man’s family started an orphanage, and a refuge for lepers and widows. Many have been saved and baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ because of them, and several churches have been started as well.

The topic ministered upon was Having the Right Approach to God’s Gift. He spoke on how the Syrophoenician woman in Matthew chapter 7 had the right attitude to receive of God, even when He called her a dog. Jesus was testing her faith- and she responded the correct way with flying colors, and fully received what she had humbly pleaded of Him.

I’ve heard it said that “The right mental attitude toward any promise of God, shall bring it to pass!” If we can only believe, and just have faith that God will do what He said He will do, we’d be so much better off!

After church, I was asked by my cousins if I wanted to go pick my other cousin from California up at the airport. Of course I did! His flight would be coming in around 1:30 Thursday morning, so we had to leave soon after church to be at the airport in time.

Thankfully, I got my parents permission to go on such short notice!

First off, we stopped at McDonald’s, as some normally do after church. We left and got my aunt who had taken a short power nap, so she wouldn’t be tired driving so late. Or would it be early?  Maybe both.

We drove for about two hours to reach the airport. Once we got there, we waited anxiously for my cousin’s flight to land, which it did at 1:16- about half hour after we got there.

Then we had to wait for him to come and meet us so we could go to the baggage claim. It was kinda funny, because my aunt asked a couple different people from different flights where they had come from, so we could figure out when my cousin would be entering.

Here’s how one of the conversations went

My aunt: “Excuse me, sir, where did you come from?”

The man answered with a smile on his face, and a voice that almost sounded sarcastic, “Alaska.”

“Are you serious?”

“Oh, yeah. See, I even have a box of fresh fish with me.”

“Sorry, we thought you were teasing us at first. We certainly weren’t expecting you to answer that way.”


The next flight was the one we were  waiting for! My aunt exclaimed that she saw her son, but then she was like, ok no that’s not him. But I kept watching him, walking toward us with a big smile on his face, so I said, “Guys, there he is!” and ran to give him a bear hug!

We’ve certainly missed him, since he has been away for about 6 years, visiting once almost every year. He was in the Air Force, and just got out a couple months ago. Deana and I actually thought he wouldn’t be able to make it for our graduation party, but thank the Lord, he’s here! We are really excited that he is staying about a month.

Poor guy- he wasn’t feeling well with a cold-like sickness, but he said after he woke up later that morning, he felt better.

Returning to my story, we waited at the baggage claim for probably 20 minutes! His suitcases were near the end. We helped him get his stuff out to the car, and started off!

My cousin had a serious craving for Wendy’s chili, or something from Arby’s, but unfortunately, both were closed at 2 in the morning. So we got stuff from Sheetz, then began the 2 hour drive home.

There wasn’t a ton of chatter, as we were pretty tired, but we did talk some. I dozed off around 3:45-4:20 or something like that.

We dropped my cousin off at the place he is staying, which is my mom’s sister’s place. I was the next one to go home, and that was probably around 4:45ish. I didn’t waken until noon, or half-past noon! I was kind of stiff, too, when I got up, from being in the car and stuff…

Thursday, some of us went putt-putting with my cousin. We went to a park and ate pizza, first. Then we headed over to putt some golf balls.

I’ll tell you right now that I didn’t win. Although, 61 is one of my best scores. Here are some photos! Oh, and the sunset was positively gorgeous!!!

Coldstone was on the agenda, but sadly I didn’t get anything because there is no sugar free stuff there.

P.S. You can click photos to enlarge & see captions!

Yesterday, we had a shoot-out at a friend’s home. Lots of pistols, then some shotgun competition. I didn’t shoot any… I don’t like performing stuff like that in front of crowds.

We set off some Chinese lanterns, and my, were they pretty! Of course, my iPod died, so I couldn’t get any pictures.

Here are about two pictures. Like I said, my iPod battery died. Maybe I’ll get s’more from my cousins, and I’ll update


Baby I is SO adorable!!!


Kitten update: they are getting huge!


READERS!!! TODAY IS THE DAY! GRADUATION IS JUST A FEW HOURS AWAY! (Hey, I’m starting to get pretty good at this spontaneous rhyming stuff!)

We also have some special services tonight and tomorrow morning for a church group that doesn’t have a pastor.

Lord willing, on Monday I’ll let ya know how both my graduation ceremony and the services go!

Sorry today’s post is so jumbled!

Do you have any family/friends coming from far a way for a visit?

Do you have a graduate in your family this year?


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