D-O-N-E! Canadian Friendships/& More

🎤 I’m done with school! I’m done with school! 🎤

I’m not excited, am I? I’d be lying if I said no. 😀

P.S. There’s a video below!

Graduation day was a little nerve-wracking at first, since I didn’t know what to expect. We made it to the church in which I was to graduate, and took a few pictures outside on a cute little park bench. I got a few with my mom too, with a nice background of brick wall.

I ❤️ My Mom!

Upon entering the church, we didn’t exactly know where we were going, but then we followed some others, and got it figured out.

My diploma was set on a table near the front, and we got a couple photos of Baby I trying on my grad cap.

All the graduates (all who were previously homeschooled) were assembled in a room to be instructed on what to expect. We were lined up in alphabetical order. I was eighth in line.

We were told to smile, and enjoy the day. And the tassel goes on the left side, then you move it to the right when you’re officially graduated.

I didn’t know any of the kids I was graduating with, but the guy next to me asked if his cap was on straight. It certainly was not! He’s the only one I had a chance to talk to, since everyone seemed to know everybody else. But I had my family, and I am so glad they were able to come!

Our small procession of 23 graduates walked out to the auditorium and sat in the front three rows. My dad was the MC (Master of Ceremonies), and did a fantastic job for never doing something like that before.

One girl sang, another played a piano piece. One guy played the piano and he and his family sang a hymn together. Another boy made a speech about being done with school. They all did well.

A couple of the dads said prayers in different parts of the ceremony, and a pastor spoke a short while on something he called “The Life of a Cow”. It was a story about a dog, a monkey, a cow, and a human.

God told the dog that he could have 20 years to live while he barked at people. The dog thought that was too many years to sit and bark. So he told God he should take back 10 years of his life and he would just live 10 years.

The monkey was told that he would live 20 years and do silly tricks. The monkey asked God to take back 10 years of his life and he would live 10 years doing silly tricks.

The cow was told that she would live 60 years and give hard work to help all the humans. ” How about I live 20 years, and You take back 40?”. God said that was fine.

Then, God told man, I will let you live 20 years to enjoy yourself. “That’s all? Can I have all the years the animals gave back to you?”. God let it be so.

And that’s why our first twenty years are filled with enjoyment, forty years of toiling, ten years of silly monkey tricks, and ten years of sitting around barking at people.

Just kidding!

As silly as that story may seem, there is some truth behind it. We should embrace each stage/phase of our lives, and not rush ahead of things. Enjoy the moment!

After we all received our diplomas, we were called up to the stage. My dad presented us as the “Graduating Class of 2016!”

Here is a short video.

As a group, we moved our tassels (from left to right, as mentioned earlier), and pictures were taken. Of course, I was positioned behind a guy that was 10 feet tall (not really, but he had to be at least 6 feet!), so there are only glimpses of me behind him, and no exceptional photos in the group.

Here are the photos you’ve all been waiting for…

All in all, ’twas a marvelous day, and made better in the evening, because we had special services for some Canadian folks who don’t have a pastor.

Our assistant pastor ministered Saturday night on Our Walk Toward Them That Are Without. He said that the very center of Christianity is being born again. The very foundation our Christian walk is built upon is being born again, covered by the Blood Jesus Christ spilt on Calvary!

We are held responsible to live in such a way that people see Jesus Christ living through us; our lives should provoke a hungering and thirsting  for what we have. Help me, Lord!

Sunday morning, our dear pastor preached on More Than Conquerors (Part 10) Through Experienced Deliverance. I really gleaned a lot of goodies from this sermon.

One of the many things he mentioned was that the devil goes about as a roaring lion; that is just a masquerade to try and scare the true believers from receiving God’s promises. The devil is a “lyin’ lion”. Every time he roars, it is a lie.

I like how he brought out that lions run away from fire- and the Holy Ghost is the Fire that the devil runs away from!

Also, David, in the Bible, before he killed Goliath, he had to experience killing the lion and the bear first, or else he never would’ve been prepared for battle with Goliath. Pastor made mention to he fact that David had to kill his enemy, not just K/O them for a while, or else they’d be back. Same with the devil: The God in you will not only knock down the devil, but have complete and total victory in the death of that evil one.

After the service that morning, we had a dinner in the fellowship hall of our church in the basement. There was no evening service, since we had one the night before.

I also did a small photoshoot of Deana. I just can’t figure out how she does it- she always looks so cute, no matter what she wears! I declare, she could even make a flour sack look cute! 😄

*My cousin that is visiting from California has a friend who lives around our area. This friend was in a bad accident on Sunday around 2 in the morning. It broke his collarbone, sternum, and all his ribs on the right side. His liver and lung got damaged by his broken ribs, but his liver was healed before he even reached the hospital, thank the Lord! His lung had fluid in it, last I heard. Also, thank the Lord that he is doing a lot better, considering the circumstances.*

After our Canadian friends left, we headed over to our pastor’s son’s home for another mini shootout. Not as many people were there.

We ate, and also sang “Happy Birthday” to one of the guys in our youth group, who was very instrumental in putting the big shootout together. For fun, we used a Mario Brothers candle!


That night, my sister spent the night with one of her friends, who also had two more girls staying over. Mr. C had one of his cousins over for the night through Monday afternoon.

Mr. C had a baseball game; the score for us was not very good. 8-28! The other team won by 20 points! 😳

Have you ever experienced a drizzle while the sun was still shining brightly, and there were no clouds above your head? We did yesterday at the game! It was weird… but cool! There was a very faint rainbow, too. I couldn’t get a picture of it because it was too faint.

On the way home from the game, I stopped in to see Deana, because she had gotten her wisdom teeth pulled out that morning. So I gave her a bouquet of flowers I picked. She was doing much better after her emotional morning of teeth-pulling.

Back at home, my mom and some of us kids picked a bunch of strawberries from our little patch in our backyard. My mom made some jam today. She also made some Amish Friendship Bread to put in the freezer for all the guests we will be having next weekend for the graduation party.

This morning, I talked to a friend of mine on the phone. I haven’t seen her for almost a year, but she and her family will be here for my grad party!

Wow, guys, this is such a long post. Sorry it took me forever to get it up!

I’d love to hear your graduation stories.

Have you ever been to a shootout?

Are you canning anything this summer/autumn? If so, what will you be canning?

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8 thoughts on “D-O-N-E! Canadian Friendships/& More

  1. I am soo proud of you for soo many reasons! I love you soo much! You are such a lovely, sweet, beautiful, talented, Godly young lady….& MY DAUGHTER! Congratulations on your Academic Honors in Language Arts Graduation!!!
    Luv u much! Momma

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You did it! So proud of the sweet godly young lady youve come to be! May u continue to be a witness for the Lord & may he continue to greatly bless u! Love u to the orange planet & back!💛😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations Cheye! That’s an awesome milestone!

    I was just going through our bookmarked sites and came across yours! I had NO idea you had a blog. Enjoying reading a few posts and catching up on your life!

    Liked by 1 person

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