Too Many Things Happened To Come Up With A Witty Title (Part 2)

Oh dear. I had best get this post out soon, and continue telling what has been going on, because another huge wave of activity is going to be rushing in!

I left off at the Sunday following my graduation party. Well, that Tuesday, June 21, my aunt and her son (my cousin from California) came to visit before his departure.

To entertain ourselves, and each other, we had a fine time riding around in the side-by-side. My dad, Ben, and I each had a turn driving that stick shift.


My cousin is one of the few people in our family who enjoys playing the Original Monopoly. He found out Mr. D and I both revel in a challenging game of Monopoly, as well, so we got a game going! My aunt joined us for a fourth player. Guess who won? Definitely not me. ‘Twas Ben who monopolized us all. Oh well…We had fun anyway!


We then had a desire to try a game my cousin introduced to us; it is a mixture of the games Pictionary and Telephone.

Directions: Each person gets a pamphlet of paper and writes a word or phrase. Make it as creative as possible!  It gets passed to the person next to you, then they flip to the next page an draw a picture of your word. It gets passed to the next person who, in turn, flips to the next page and writes a word or phrase they think the previously drawn picture is, and continues in this pattern until the original person gets their pamphlet back. You need as many pieces of paper per pamphlet as people who are playing. We cut our paper into quarter pieces, and stapled them together.

NOTE: you should not show/tell anyone your word/drawing until the game is over. It’s way more fun that way! 

Because the game took longer than my aunt wanted to stay, Ben spent the night! In all our years of cousinhood, I don’t remember a time he did that before, so Mr. D and I made the most of it! We helped him in his project of ancestry. My grandma and I had worked on it a few years before, and had it back to my 13th great grandparents, on her side, who were some of the very first pilgrims. Naturally.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the  chart we had written out, which we did only because we had a free trial, and didn’t want to lose all that info. We have that chart somewhere in our house!

The next morning, Ben left around 8 or 8:30, and I was still sleeping. So I didn’t get to see him off. Thankfully, I did get to go when we took him back to the airport that Friday. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thursday, several of the girls and ladies from our church took a whole day to go shopping. Our purpose was to find clothes for the week-long Believer’s Youth Camp that is put on every summer in Indiana. I found a few shirts, a belt, and a nice denim skirt. We had fun, but my shopping tolerance tank was almost empty by the time we left for home! Almost seven hours of shopping drains. Drastically.

We got back in time for a cookout/trampoline setting-up party at my cousins’ home. A lot of my family was there- aunts, uncles, cousins, and more! I love it! We ate, jumped on the trampoline, played a few games of Ninja, and Pictionary/Telephone.

Friday was a sad day… Ben had to go back home! I am so thankful I got to be there when he arrived, and when he had to leave. He was here for almost a month, and I cherished every moment we got to spend with him!

Once we got to the airport, we rode those moving sidewalk things, whatever they’re called! I’m sorry, my technological vocabulary isn’t so improved as it probably should be. Anyway, my cousin’s luggage got checked in, and we got the grand privilege of going back to watch him board the plane.

Going through security was an interesting experience. I’m glad I got to be a part of it, in case I ever fly again. The last time I was on a plane, I was five years old. I hardly remember a thing about the airport back then.

My Pass.

Never in my life do I remember a time that I rode a subway before! I thought it was great fun. I might have done it when I was younger, but I can’t remember a time it has happened.

Once we located the gate he was supposed to be at when the time came, we decided to explore the different shops, because we were a couple hours early. McDonald’s was our place of rest for several minutes, and we freshened up with a bite to eat.

The time drew near when we would have to bid my dear cousin farewell… after we got a picture of our group, and each of us individually with Ben, of course! I hate goodbyes. I never was one to cope well with dramatic changes. I almost lost my dignified composure when I caught my final glimpse of Ben’s backpack disappear into the crowd boarding the plane. Then, the uneventful trip homeward.

Ben and me 😀

A brief mention of the non-important affairs that went on over the next few days: dentist appointment, a bit more clothes shopping for the upcoming vacation, chiropractor appointment, BYC (Believer’s Youth Camp) packing, church, etcetera.

And my next post will include the account of our fun week at BYC!!!

If you’ve ever been a camper at BYC, I’d love to hear about your experience! If you are interested in attending next year, visit the website at for more information. I’d love to see you there, Lord willing!

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