Guest Post With Mariah Holloway: Author of Christian Historical Stories

I am excited and pleased to announce that we have a special post today! A sweet young lady, who I met at the Believer’s Youth Camp I talk about so often, has an incredible talent for writing stories.  I thought it would be fun to have kind of an informal interview with her, via email, and she was very gracious to answer some questions for us.

Interview With Mariah Holloway

*The questions I ask are in bold lettering. Mariah’s answers follow immediately in normal type*

Q1: How long have you been writing stories?

A: I have been writing since I was seven years old.

Q2: What are your stories about?

A: Most of my stories are historical romances with a Christian message behind them.

Q3: How many books have you written?

A: Well, I wrote a lot of short stories and some novellas when I was younger, but I regret that I have lost them all. In later years, I have written several more short stories, two novels, and I have three novels I’m working on.

Q4: What important points do you wish to get across to your readers?

A: I put a Christian message behind each of my stories that I hope encourages people in the Lord and bring them closer to Him.

Q5: What is your favorite part about writing?

A: My favorite part is coming up with a plot and all my characters.

Q6: What is the hardest thing for you to accomplish in putting a story together?

A: The hardest things to accomplish are making sure my plot and theme are onsistent throughout, that it is clear, and makes sense. A good writer should always have a plot or a purpose behind their story and follow it all the way through.

Q7: What/who was/is your greatest influence for creating these stories?

A: My greatest influences in creating my stories are other books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, and sermons I’ve heard.

Q8: Since history is one of your passions, which era is your favorite? Is that time period also your favorite to write about?

A: Because I love history so much, it’s hard for me to narrow it down to just one time period. I love the time periods of America’s history, when the country was settling the west; the Victorian time period in Europe; and the medieval time period with castles and Knights. Each one of those three time periods are my favorites to write in.

Q9: Who is your favorite character you have written about, and can you give us some background on them?

A: My favorite character is Ella, who is the main character in my novel, The Call of Love. She suffered a lot in het marriage that scarred her. But her husband comes to the Lord, and works to make things right. She is bitter towards him at first and does not believe he has changed. But as she gets to know him she sees that he had found Christ. I like her a lot because even though she suffered so much, she remained strong and always tried to help those around her.

Q10: What would be your best tips for any future writers?

A: I would advise future writers to read a lot! I mean A LOT! There is so much we can learn and pick up from just reading. If you read enough, it will become natural for you to write your own story. Also, ask yourself some questions before you write, then answer them as you go to keep yourself on track and your thoughts consistent. Such questions would be something like, “What is the personality trait of the main character?” If you come up with an answer, it will help you make sure your character stays that way throughout the story, and not make it confusing. “What is the plot of your story? What do you hope readers to get from reading your story?” Etc.

Q11: What is your ultimate goal for your writings?

A: The ultimate goal for my writing, is that people draw closer to the Lord through my stories.

Q12: What other hobbies besides writing do you enjoy?

A:  I enjoy painting, photography, reading, and traveling.

A special “thank you!” to Mariah Holloway for her time to make this such a fun post! If you have any more questions to ask the author herself, you can view her blog at

Please share your thoughts, and let me know in the comments if you think I should do another Guest Post sometime!

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