Too Many Things Happened To Come Up With A Witty Title (Part 3)

Oh, dear. This post has certainly been a long time in coming! I actually have some spare-ish time while chillaxing in my bed during a thunderstorm to share with you some memories of BYC 2016! Just so you know, I won’t really be “catching up” on all the news since then, because there is way too much to go into. And my poor brain would be helplessly worn out. So in future posts, I will basically just be doing things in the present. Aside from Baby I care, chores, church, now school, the fair a couple weeks ago, et cetera, I have had to tackle my bedroom.

I must confess, I do not have any photos in this post to share. Please forgive my lack of interestingness.

To to start off our vacation story, we must begin on Friday, July 1, 2016, aka Mr. D’s 16th birthday.

Early that Friday morning, we packed all the necessary, last-minute items, my grandma came to our home so she could ride with us, then we headed over to my cousins’ (Deana & her sister) home to pick them up. From there, we went to the church to meet the rest of our group. There were two trucks with campers, and one van. My pastor’s son drove one truck, while my dad was in charge of the other truck, and my mom drove the van.

While traveling down the highway, the propane tank cover flew off our camper! Thank the Lord it didn’t cause an accident, and was retrieved safely. A couple of hours down the road, we were confronted by the highway patrol directing traffic because of an accident that had occurred. They allowed the trucks and other large vehicles through, but our van had to take the detour, which was super backed up. Once we finally got back on track, I think we were about two hours behind schedule. Baby I was a trooper! He slept for most of the traveling except right at the very beginning, and the very end.

Because we were journeying halfway in order to visit some friends, and stay for the night, what should’ve been a four-hour drive turned into a six-hour trip!

Anyway, we met up with some others from our church when we arrived at our destination, and had an absolutely delectable supper given to us by our sweet hostess. She used to come to our church, but got married and moved away. I am so glad, though, that she and her husband come to visit frequently, and that we had the opportunity to drop by and see them!

Since our troupe brought along a couple of campers, the sleeping arrangements worked out quite nicely. We girls took over one of the upstairs bedrooms (there are three; one is occupied by the owners, another will be the nursery, and lastly, the room we had. Mr. D. slept in the future nursery). Aside from the three upstairs rooms, there is a master bedroom on the first floor, where another family slept.

We girls don’t have frequent sleep-overs, so we chatted until at least 2 in the morning! But, my did we have a lot of fun!

In the morning, there were yummy deliciously scrumptious!!! pancakes. I love pancakes. With bacon. And 100% Maple Syrup. And bacon, don’t forget the bacon!

Not much later, we said our goodbyes, and hit the road again. Just as we pulled into the BYC parking lot, Baby I decided to spew out of his mouth the apple juice he’d just finished. Poor little guy! Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to clean up.

After all that chaos, we got checked in, and selected our beds for the next week. It was so wonderful to see so many old friends, and meet several new ones! Service that night was preached by a brother from Tennessee. as always, each and every service was very encouraging! I’d elaborate on all the services, but there’s just too much to account for…

Before bed that night, we met our counselors, and one of those first few nights, we created name tags to tape onto our bunks. Sunday, two services were held in the main tabernacle. I really enjoyed the preaching!

Starting Monday, there are three services going on at the same time in the morning throughout the rest of the week. The younger campers (13 & under) have their own services both morning and evening. The main tabernacle group (14-18) is having service while the older group (19 & up) has a special service in the mornings. They join the main tabernacle group for the evening services. Sorry if that is confusing!

Monday morning’s service was my favorite, if i could choose a favorite. The Holy Spirit was just so sweet and soothing, I didn’t want to leave!!!

Here is a schedule that may give you an idea of what life is like, especially in the girls dorms, for a day:

  • 7:00 AM~ This is the ideal time to wake up, especially if you need to get a shower. this is also the time when you should get dressed for morning service and fix your hair.
  • 7:30-8:30~ Depending on how fast you get things done, during these times you should get your breakfast. Normally, the line isn’t long at all.
  • 8:30-8:45~ This is the latest you should be out and about. At this time, getting your Bible and whatever else you need for the service is a good idea. Head into the tabernacle (QUIETLY AND REVERENTLY!!!) your age is supposed to be in. Girls usually are seated in the middle aisle, sometimes on the edge of the right side. Guys are always on the left aisle, sometimes an overflow into to left edge of the center aisle.
  • 9:00-9:15~ This is about the time the musicians go on stage.
  • 9:15-12:00? PM~ Song service and preaching. There is no certain time set for the preacher to end his sermon, because we don’t know where or how the Lord will always lead.
  • 12:30(ish)~ LUNCHTIME!!! I must warn you that the line gets long very quickly! It is not uncommon for you to be waiting at least half an hour to get your food.
  • 1:00-4:30~ During this time, we engage ourselves in physical activities such as volleyball, human foosball, ultimate Frisbee, cornhole, Dutch Blitz, arts and crafts, choir practice, and more!
  • 4:30-5:30~ Dinner is served! You shouldn’t spend too much time chatting once you finish eating. Getting ready for church is a high priority this time of the day.
  • 5:00-6:00~Church preparation begins.
  • 6:00~ It would be ideal to be in your appropriate tabernacle for prayer time, and preparing yourself for the service.
  • 6:30-?~ The evening service usually lasts at least two hours. I have been in services that lasted anywhere between midnight and two in the morning! It all depends on how the Holy Spirit leads.
  • 9:00-10:45~ After service is dismissed, the snack shack is open to enjoy a morsel of food before bedtime. You may stay out until somewhere around 10:45 or 11:oo (curfew!), unless the service is still going on.
  • 11:00~ You should be in your dorm at this time for devotions and/or dorm activities. As soon as these are finished, it’s time to brush your teeth, and other parts of your bedtime routine. Then it is sleepy time!
  • Bonus: The last night the fourteen and up are allowed to stay up until about four in the morning playing volleyball or something like that. Some of us played a game called Seven Up.

I’m going to share a few fun things I did at Camp. These activities may not be in chronological order.

The first humorous activity I recall was devotion time in our dorm. Side Note: I had absolutely AMAZING counselors this year!!! Anyway, for these specific devotions, the girls were split into five groups, about six or seven girls per group. We were given some glow sticks and six rolls of toilet paper. The rules were to choose one girl per group to be the Bride, and the rest of us would be her “attendants”. Our counselors turned out the lights, and we had to make a toilet paper wedding dress for our bride only with the light of the glow sticks. The lady night guards would then come in and judge the best looking toilet paper gown. Our group finished first, and even though the gown we made looked a lot worse than the others, we also got a prize. The reward was any Snack Shack item for free.

The whole devotion side to this activity was that we are the Bride of Christ in a dark world. She is preparing herself for the coming of the Bridegroom! The glow sticks represent the Light. No matter how small the Elected Bride is, the darker the world gets, the brighter Christ shines through us!!!

Another dorm devotion activity was being able to go outside after curfew. Three of the girls’ dorms got together to do this one. We girls had to search for the “Safety Zone”, which was a small area surrounded by glow sticks. That “Safety Zone” represented the Word of God. Our counselors pretended to be “demons”. They each had a handful of glow sticks that represented sins. So, they chased us around and either tagged us or sprayed us with silly string. The only way you could get rid of you sins was by  entering the zone of safety. We had a blast!

Another activity I was involved in was a game of Mafia. The Christian version has two Shepherds, three Wolves, and the rest of the players are sheep. If you are a sheep or Shepherd, you want to eliminate the Wolves. If you are a Wolf, you want to eliminate the Shepherds. It’s kind of difficult to explain the whole game in typing, so I will just leave it at that. Sorry to keep you hanging! It is fun and easy to play once you understand it, though.

Two of the nights, the eighteen and older were given permission to play glow-in-the-dark volleyball. I only played because no one could tell who I was. 😀

Well, Friends, I’m sure there is much more to share, but my brain is about burnt trying to get this finished… I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’m truly sorry it took me so long to get this posted!!! God Bless!

What kind of vacations did you go on this summer? I would be pleased if you’d share one of your favorite traveling memories in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Too Many Things Happened To Come Up With A Witty Title (Part 3)

  1. Welcome back! Missed you. I had a very nice time at camp. I enjoyed the felloeship with all & the services were ‘heaven sent’! Pun intended! Looking forward to next year! God Bless 💜


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