||Photoshoots And Updates||

Here is what I have been up to in the last month or so!

P.S. Adorable photos ahead!

Although I took these photos near the end of October, I thought y’all might be interested in seeing this little bundle of love and cuteness! Baby I did so well for me! He was in such a good mood, and listened to everything I asked him to do! These are just a few of my favorites! Isn’t he adorable?! You can click on the pictures to make them larger, and to read captions.

Some other news is, Miss H and I each got a bunny! Mine is a girl. She is the silver one. I named her Lunavere (A mix of Luna, the Latin word for “moon”, and Guinevere. Sorry, I couldn’t come up with anything better that sounded good at the end of Luna!). I call her Luna for short. Miss H got the tan one with a unique white shoulder marking. She named him Sugar Maple, but calls him Maple for short.

A couple Saturdays ago, my church hosted a Sweetheart Banquet for those married couples in our church. We had a guest minister who preached at the dinner, and the next morning. I was privileged to be the photographer! I only stayed for the games and meal, not the preaching. Because those who were in attendance would not wish me to put the photos on here, I will not, and I am sorry for your disappointment.

On Black Friday, some cousins, aunts, siblings, an uncle, and I went to a local, old mansion for their Christmas Tree tour. This year’s theme was “Christmas Around the World”. Every room was decorated like different parts of the world: Austria, Tropics, China, North Pole, Scotland, just to name a few! Lord willing, I want to make a slide show, so keep on the lookout for that!

I am so excited for the Christmas Season! We have been decorating with lights, garland, snowmen, and more! We strung some colored lights in our rooms, and it feels so cozy at night. We also love to do an Advent every year for Christmas. We have done many different ideas, from the ones you can buy that have waxy tasting chocolates in them, to making a few different ones of our own! Most of all, I love to remember that Jesus Christ truly is the reason for the season! On His birthday, He gave us Himself! I will probably do a post on that later, so that is another thing to look out for!

Sorry for all the random topics, but I have one more! Monday evening, we had our music teacher and her husband over for dinner. That doesn’t happen very often, does it? We love them so much, and we had a very delightful evening, full of laughter, music, and love. Sadly, they soon plan on moving to be closer to one of their daughters. We will miss them terribly! They truly are one in a trillion, and I have been blessed to have known them since I was a preschooler! That was 14 years ago…

This wasn’t a very long post, but it sure was a busy one! I hope you enjoyed it, nonetheless. Which is your favorite photo of Baby I? If you owned our rabbits, what would you have named them? What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Have you ever had a music teacher as awesome as mine? 😀 Love you, Mrs. B!

Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “||Photoshoots And Updates||

  1. Your Christmas tree tour sounded fun! We have 5 rabbits, too. Four girls and one boy and picking names for any of our animals has always been very difficult for us. I’m afraid we are original in the least.

    Cute pictures of your brother.🙂


  2. Love the pics of squish’ems! I would have named them garlic salt & pepper! Reading the Bible Christmas story together. No & Mrs B is a very special lady! Thanks for the update! God bless us everyone!


    1. He is pretty adorable, isn’t he? Those are creative names. My favorite Bible story is the First Christmas! Mrs. B certainly is very special! I hope to keep the blog updated regularly. God bless! 💜


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