The Rest Of Libby’s Story

Here is a post about our three-day weekend in Kentucky, where the Celebration of Eternal Life was held for Libby. (Read more about her in this post). Even though this is 3 months later, I think it’s about time to share her Heaven-coming story.

img_6123We got to the hotel Friday night without incident.

Saturday morning, we were up and at ’em getting ready for the showings and service.

I was curling my hair, and my curling wand started falling off the table. My reflexes did a stupid thing, and went to grab it. The sensitive spot between my thumb and index finger enclosed around the hot part, but I almost immediately let go. Our human instincts would be to baby the injured spot where there most definitely would have been a 1st degree burn, if the Lord wouldn’t have intervened.

Now, about what happened next, none of it is my doing. I give the Lord ALL the Glory!

The Lord brought to my remembrance this quote from a Rev. William Branham:

“It’s the atmosphere. You got to get away from it. See? From that old confusion, “Oh, am I going to be…” You’re scared. That what’s the matter. You’ll be frying your meat of a morning for breakfast, and–and the first thing you know, you’re filled with the Holy Spirit. Now, I’m going to shock you a little bit. You don’t mind, do you? All right. For instance, the meat’s a frying, and all at once the grease pops out on your hand. Now, if you’ll just shake it off and go on frying meat, it wouldn’t bother you. Now, I know you didn’t get that just right. Look. The first thing, “Oh, where the Ungantene?” Something… You see, grab you hand. See, see? It scares you to death. That’s what does it. It’s fear.”

And I ignored that little twinge telling me to look at my hand. I wouldn’t, but quietly thanked the Lord for keeping me safe, and for healing me. I never said anything about it to my family, except to testify about it later. As the day went on, I forgot about my hand. there wasn’t even a mark or anything. No medication, no pampering, only trusting that God was capable of doing what He did for me! I am ever so thankful that He is always taking care of me!

Nothing is too small for Him. Nothing is too great for Him. He is an Awesome God! And I know if He cares that much about a little burn, if He cares for those little sparrows when they fall, then I know He cares for me and you, and will help you in your time of need, no matter how big your trial is. My God is Bigger, still!

When we reached the funeral home, we were greeted by my family, some who I haven’t seen in many years! It was so good to see them all again! I went up to the casket that held Libby’s little body to say goodbye. She looked so different, like most people in caskets do. Yet you knew it was her body. But her spiritual body is running around, though her earthly body couldn’t.

If you want to know anything about Libby, she loved princesses. Especially from the movie, Frozen. A tiara adorned the pale brow. Some favorite Barbies of hers (whose hair she colored purple, because that was her favorite color!) were nestled beside her.

To understand this next part, you have to know that before princesses, Libby was obsessed with dinosaurs!

Part of the funeral service consisted of one of her aunts reading a book that had been given to Libby called “How Dinosaurs Say I Love You”. The little dino in the story sounded so much like Libby! Pretty sassy, but very sweet at the same time. I never thought a book about large extinct reptiles would be such a tear-jerker!

One of her cousins put a song together to the recorded beat of Libby’s heart. I thought it was so sweet to do that. And that made everyone cry all the more. It was a very emotional service. The sweetest, saddest funeral service I think I have ever been to.

When the service was over, we said our last goodbyes to the earthly body of Liberty Ray Vieson, and headed to the cemetery. When we got there, the pallbearers did their job, then placed flowers on the white casket.

We did a balloon release to Libby’s favorite song (from Frozen), “Let it Go”. The balloons were purple, of course. When it got to the chorus, everyone let go of their balloons. It was very emotional and touching. And we placed flowers on her casket. I don’t mean to sound sappy, or over-dramatic.

Then we went back to the funeral home for lunch. And after that, we went to my aunt’s home. Then back to our hotel.

Sunday, we went out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel with some of the family.

And went back to my aunt’s house, where we picked up a puppy. Their dog had a litter of twelve pups, but one of those died.

We named that chocolate-colored bundle of energy Liberty, after my cousin. She is an “Aussie-dor”, a mix of Australian Shepherd, and Black Labrador. She favors the Lab, but is brown and has some Aussie markings.

6 Weeks Old

16 Weeks Old

And we got home without incident. Libby travels very well in a vehicle.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about Liberty Ray Vieson’s Heaven-coming. And tune in tomorrow for another blog post! I am going to try my hardest (no promises 🙂 to have a post written once a week. Life at the ol’ homestead has been super packed!



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