What’s Goin’ On. 

Hey, peeps!

I’m back from BYC! The Lord gave us good travels, and an awesome week of services and fellowship!

Did ya miss me?!

I need to tell y’all that I am going to switch the Guest Post to next week, and do a DIY pre-view, instead.

I am currently working on a project, that I hope I never see come to an end.

You might think that sounds weird, but you’ll figure out why once I tell you 😀.

My project is… drum roll, please…

A Home-Making Journal! (Binder/Planner/Whatchamacalit!)

*more commonly known as a “Home Management Binder”*

I finished the cover today. Nothing too fancy, but I like it. It’s going to have recipes from Breakfast to Dessert and everything in between, Household and Organization tips, Financial Knowledge (about which I know this much ➡️👌🏼), and just packed full with stuff a home-maker needs to know, and beyond!

Throughout the pages, I want to put Scripture, inspirational quotes, tips, facts, and such.

Any grand ideas you think I could add to my project?

Hopefully, I can embellish more on this topic tomorrow after I get home from work, and do my chores. Ya know, the “normal stuff.”

Buenas noches, mi amigos!

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