My Adventures In Arizona ~Part 1~

A 12-day trip to the Grand Canyon State… Many wonderful memories made!

I tried so many new things! Everything from milking goats and eating a prickly pear to jumping off a 40-50 foot cliff! (Really! I did!)

It all started on Thursday, September 14, 2017.

At 1:45 in the morning.

I had my orange carry-on and my personal bag all proudly and excitedly packed and ready to go. I was too excited to stay comfy in my bed another extra 15 minutes! I had kissed my little siblings and dad goodbye the night before. They were all sound asleep.

At 2:30, my mom, aunt, brother and I set out to pick up my cousin, who was going to be flying out with Mr. D and me. We were officially “on the road” around 2:45 AM. It took nearly two hours to get to the airport.

Then the moment I had been planning for a year finally happened! I was in the airport for me this time, not picking someone up or dropping someone off. I was going to fly for the first time in 14 years! I only remember bits and pieces of the first time I flew when I was five…

So, anyway, the airline we went through wouldn’t let my mom or aunt go back to the gate with us; but my mom questioned them about it, and they finally let her go back with us. But my poor aunt had to wait outside the gate by herself for a little while.

Mr. D and I were both pretty nervous about our flight. The seconds ticked by ever so slowly! Then our Zone was called to board, and we said one last goodbye to our precious mama. I know it was so hard for her to see us leave, ‘specially since twelve days is a long time, when you’re two oldest kids decide to venture out- without you- when they don’t do a lot of big vacations by themselves. She was a great sport about it, though!

Back to my story, we found our seats, which were right next to the wing.


I have always wanted to get a picture like this!


And anxiously waited for take-off.

Which was delayed by 20 minutes, because of a legal issue.

Then the big moment for my brother and me came. The plane creeped backward, then slowly forward. We went faster, and faster, until we left the ground! Higher and higher, we rose above the city. The view was spectacular!

And you know what?

Mr. D and I found out that we have a new hobby- FLYING!

Yes, even my brother who hates heights, loved the plane ride!

After our 3 and a half hour flight, we landed in Phoenix, Arizona around 8:30 in the morning (11:30, the time we were used to).

A friend of ours picked my brother and me up from the airport, while my cousin stayed in Phoenix with some of her friends.

Our drive was between an hour to an hour and a half.

We also had to make a pit stop at an auto store for my friend’s dad, on the way to her home.

When we reached our destination, a Castle Keeper Meeting was in session!

Castle Keepers is a group of young ladies, started by my friend’s mom, to help prepare them for their homemaking journeys. At this particular meeting, the girls were learning quilting skills. I helped where I was needed.

And when I wasn’t needed, I was shown some of the animals. 😀

The class was being held outside, under their pergola. It was rather breezy, so some of the fabric kept blowing away! I was designated the official fabric chaser. 🙂

It was interesting to see all the different designs and patterns each of the girls used. The fabrics matched their personalities so well!

Sooo… where was my brother in all of this?

He was with our friends’ son, riding around in a beat-up jeep, exploring the property, and such. They hiked up some of the mountains, and stuff like that.

These mountains are the very ones included in one of my last posts, about the Goodwin Fire. I got to see them for myself, in person, and it is miraculous what God has done! Even though you can still tell where the fire’s path was, a lot of the greenery is coming back. Most of which they didn’t think they’d see for years to come.

We went to look at their VRBO {Vacation Rental By Owner}. This little cabin is So adorable! It has such a panoramic view of the landscape. Speaking of the view, There are no electric lines to obstruct it, because they live off-grid, They use solar panels to generate their own electricity.

On the inside of the cabin, there is a living room/kitchenette, a bathroom, and a bedroom. The bedroom has barn-style doors that slide open and closed. I think that is a really neat feature for a cute and rustic vacation spot.

I also experienced what it was like to own an online book store. All you need to know from “pulling books”, to printing the labels and sending them off to the post office, you name it! if I wouldn’t have been hurrying, I’m sure my nose would’ve been stuck in quite a few books!

Of course, you can’t have a Wallace function until you have played a game or two ten of wally ball! They have their very own wally ball court in their backyard! Wally ball is very similar to volley ball, except it is played inside; the building is as large as the court. You can bounce the ball off of the walls, and such.

I finally made my way to bed… Around 10:30ish AZ time, 1:30ish my time. You can imagine how tired I was! Until 7:30 the next morning {AZ time. The time I come from would’ve been 10:30!}.


Tune in soon for Part 2! This one will have lots more photos.



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