Adventures In Arizona ~Part 2~

Our second day in Arizona began with an amazing breakfast of blueberry baked oatmeal. I think that was my favorite meal the entire twelve days of our stay {all the other food was scrumptious, too!}

The activities planned for that day, Friday, were kayaking and mountain climbing. Mr. D. and I have always wanted to go kayaking, and this was our first time. We loved it!

{Lots of photos ahead!!!



I got a tandem kayak with one of my friends. We were both glad we did that, because the waters on the way back were choppy. We took turns paddling, and that worked out pretty well.


Anyway, the view was positively amazing! We circled around pretty much the whole lake. I do not know exactly how big this lake is, but when your are paddling choppy waters, it feels like miles, let me tell you!


Then we went mountain climbing not too far away from where we spent our afternoon on the lake. As a matter of fact, I will show you a photo that you can see the very lake we kayaked on from the top of the mountains we climbed. you can click on photos to zoom and to see captions.

kayak lake
The lake we kayaked on is circled here.

Here are my mountain climbing photos!And

And a cactus pic…


We had to take a humor photo, of course.



My friends Rebekah {left}, Serenity {right}, and me {center}.


A few interesting rocks, and more of my brother’s climbing antics 😀

This crevice was pretty tight! we fit through it, though!

Then we went out to eat and headed back to the Wallace Ranch. As mentioned before, I can’t remember the nights we did different activities, but many games of wallyball and Dutch Blitz were played.

That wraps up Day 2 in the state of Arizona!



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