My Apology, Updates, & Agenda for the Next Month

My Dear Readers,

I have shamefully neglected my blogging, and for that I am terribly sorry.

Much has happened since I’ve been absent…

Maple Syrup season has come, and nearly gone {we’ve gotten about 5 gallons of syrup, as of right now. It hasn’t been an exceptional year for maple syruping, unfortunately}.

Of course, I had some adulting to do, like my job!

I had a weekend trip back in February.

Taxes are just around the corner.

My dad had surgery the beginning of the month, and is recovering nicely 🙂 .

The kiddos had a piano recital last week! They did a marvelous job!

We had some occasional guests, and are preparing for more this weekend, Lord willing!

I think you get the idea..!

Onto other things, I have started one of those bullet journals; I hope to keep up with it waaay better than I did this past month.

My Castle Keeper Challenges have been keeping me busy, too!

My oldest little bro is an Airman in CAP- Civil Air Patrol, and has meetings every Monday evening. Sometimes I tag along.

My plans for April include a wedding, and some church activities. Possibly visiting my grandparents, too!

My short-term future goals include getting my license! And I hope to be able to spend more time studying God’s Word, and trying to complete my doula course. Don’t know what a “doula” is? Maybe I will blog about it sometime, but for now, you can read about it in this article. Or take the liberty to look into it further 🙂 .

I know, I said it before, and I didn’t really keep my word, although I TRIED! I really did! But I want to post more often- I won’t give you a certain day of the week, just in case I get busy, but I’m hoping to MAYBE every 2 weeks?? No promises, but I think that would be feasible.

Anyhow, just wanted to make sure you knew I hadn’t forgotten about y’all!

God Bless!


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