Adventures In Arizona ~Part 2~

Our second day in Arizona began with an amazing breakfast of blueberry baked oatmeal. I think that was my favorite meal the entire twelve days of our stay {all the other food was scrumptious, too!}

The activities planned for that day, Friday, were kayaking and mountain climbing. Mr. D. and I have always wanted to go kayaking, and this was our first time. We loved it!

{Lots of photos ahead!!!

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Kentucky Bound!

This weekend, the Lord has allowed me to go on yet another trip. This time to Kentucky! So that's why I haven't posted anything yet, between work, getting ready for the trip, and such.

I am spending the night at my cousin's house, and we hope to leave by 7:00 tomorrow morning. My cousin Deana is coming along, too!

We will be coming back on Tuesday.

See y'all later! Please keep us in your prayers!

GUEST POST WITH SISTER ELISABETH WALLACE: How God Kept The Goodwin Fire From Burning Their Home

IMG_6789I am so sorry I am just now posting this!

I am also very excited for all of you viewers to read about how marvelous our God is; this story is truly a testimony of how much power Jesus Christ has over EVERYTHING! Even the weather and elements!

Here is the story from Sister Elisabeth’s point of view, as well as some photos.

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What’s Goin’ On. 

Hey, peeps!

I’m back from BYC! The Lord gave us good travels, and an awesome week of services and fellowship!

Did ya miss me?!

I need to tell y’all that I am going to switch the Guest Post to next week, and do a DIY pre-view, instead.

I am currently working on a project, that I hope I never see come to an end.

You might think that sounds weird, but you’ll figure out why once I tell you 😀.

My project is… drum roll, please…

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Okay, so I promise to do my best and keep you posted about our trip to BYC (Believer’s Youth Camp) this week! I won’t be posting on the blog at least until next Saturday. We leave tomorrow, plan on staying at some of our friends’ home in Ohio, and continue on to Indiana. Keep us in your prayers for safe travels and a wonderful time! God Bless! 

P. S. When I update you on this past week, I’ll tell y’all about the birthday weekend, and a trip to New England’s Connecticut. 

Too Many Things Happened To Come Up With A Witty Title (Part 3)

Oh, dear. This post has certainly been a long time in coming! I actually have some spare-ish time while chillaxing in my bed during a thunderstorm to share with you some memories of BYC 2016! Just so you know, I won’t really be “catching up” on all the news since then, because there is way too much to go into. And my poor brain would be helplessly worn out. So in future posts, I will basically just be doing things in the present. Aside from Baby I care, chores, church, now school, the fair a couple weeks ago, et cetera, I have had to tackle my bedroom.

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Grad Weekend & Church Goings

I am going to tell you about the graduation party we went to Saturday. It was a bit chilly and windy since we were by a lake. All in all, we had fun, chatting and watching some people play football. I don’t play football, neither do I understand it very well,  but I don’t mind watching people I know playing it.

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Chiropractic Care

You guessed it- I went to the chiropractor yesterday! I am one of those people who love to get popped and cracked. Well, my rib was quite out of place, so it was causing pain in my shoulder. She put me back in place and put a long piece of tape down my back to hold me together. I am a little sore still, but a lot better, thank the Lord! By the way, folks, the link to that image where that skeleton is excited because it got adjusted is here.

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Brunch & Baseball

Monday. Most people dread that word. It was a fairly good Monday, though. For us, it started out getting up early-ish to go over to my aunt’s and help prepare a brunch that we were having for the missionary and his family. The meal consisted of breakfast burritos, breakfast pizza, breakfast muffins, and cottage berry whip (THM recipe). All low carb. Most people there were low-carbers, so that kinda makes sense. Sorry, I neglected to take a picture of the scrumptious brunch! 😒

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Spring Cleaning And Benefit Dinners

Ahhh… I LOVE Spring! When it finally starts warming up after a long winter, the birds start bursting with joyful tweets, lovely flowers start peeping their pretty little heads above the soil, we get lots of warm and sunshiny days, and after we have a drink of rain, the air is so fresh and clean! And speaking of clean… That’s what we did part of our day yesterday.

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Enjoying The Ride

I got this off of Pinterest. This is the website that was with it.

Since yesterday was so lovely, a bike ride was definitely on the agenda! My mom, four siblings, aunt, two cousins, grandma, and I went to a mile-long, all-purpose trail. There were six of us kids riding bikes while the ladies walked and Baby I ate snacks in his stroller.

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