Okay, so I promise to do my best and keep you posted about our trip to BYC (Believer’s Youth Camp) this week! I won’t be posting on the blog at least until next Saturday. We leave tomorrow, plan on staying at some of our friends’ home in Ohio, and continue on to Indiana. Keep us in your prayers for safe travels and a wonderful time! God Bless! 

P. S. When I update you on this past week, I’ll tell y’all about the birthday weekend, and a trip to New England’s Connecticut. 

Too Many Things Happened To Come Up With A Witty Title (Part 3)

Oh, dear. This post has certainly been a long time in coming! I actually have some spare-ish time while chillaxing in my bed during a thunderstorm to share with you some memories of BYC 2016! Just so you know, I won’t really be “catching up” on all the news since then, because there is way too much to go into. And my poor brain would be helplessly worn out. So in future posts, I will basically just be doing things in the present. Aside from Baby I care, chores, church, now school, the fair a couple weeks ago, et cetera, I have had to tackle my bedroom.

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Grad Weekend & Church Goings

I am going to tell you about the graduation party we went to Saturday. It was a bit chilly and windy since we were by a lake. All in all, we had fun, chatting and watching some people play football. I don’t play football, neither do I understand it very well,  but I don’t mind watching people I know playing it.

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Chiropractic Care

You guessed it- I went to the chiropractor yesterday! I am one of those people who love to get popped and cracked. Well, my rib was quite out of place, so it was causing pain in my shoulder. She put me back in place and put a long piece of tape down my back to hold me together. I am a little sore still, but a lot better, thank the Lord! By the way, folks, the link to that image where that skeleton is excited because it got adjusted is here.

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