Adventures In Arizona ~Part 2~

Our second day in Arizona began with an amazing breakfast of blueberry baked oatmeal. I think that was my favorite meal the entire twelve days of our stay {all the other food was scrumptious, too!}

The activities planned for that day, Friday, were kayaking and mountain climbing. Mr. D. and I have always wanted to go kayaking, and this was our first time. We loved it!

{Lots of photos ahead!!!

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Kentucky Bound!

This weekend, the Lord has allowed me to go on yet another trip. This time to Kentucky! So that's why I haven't posted anything yet, between work, getting ready for the trip, and such.

I am spending the night at my cousin's house, and we hope to leave by 7:00 tomorrow morning. My cousin Deana is coming along, too!

We will be coming back on Tuesday.

See y'all later! Please keep us in your prayers!

GUEST POST WITH SISTER ELISABETH WALLACE: How God Kept The Goodwin Fire From Burning Their Home

IMG_6789I am so sorry I am just now posting this!

I am also very excited for all of you viewers to read about how marvelous our God is; this story is truly a testimony of how much power Jesus Christ has over EVERYTHING! Even the weather and elements!

Here is the story from Sister Elisabeth’s point of view, as well as some photos.

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Okay, so I promise to do my best and keep you posted about our trip to BYC (Believer’s Youth Camp) this week! I won’t be posting on the blog at least until next Saturday. We leave tomorrow, plan on staying at some of our friends’ home in Ohio, and continue on to Indiana. Keep us in your prayers for safe travels and a wonderful time! God Bless! 

P. S. When I update you on this past week, I’ll tell y’all about the birthday weekend, and a trip to New England’s Connecticut. 

The Catchin’ Up On The Slide Show, A Very Belated Merry Christmas And Info On How To Make Maple Syrup!

I don’t understand how I get so incredibly busy. I still want to talk about Christmas and New Years, even though it is nearly the first of March! I have had an incredibly difficult time trying to put this slide show together for you. Please forgive my tardiness. I am sorry there isn’t any music. Perhaps you can play your favorite Christmas song while you watch. 😀

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In Everything, Give Thanks

Searched on Google, but site link here.

November is a month that shows us how blessed we are, and reminds us to be thankful for the things we have been blessed with. But whether we are in the month of November, or March, or any other time of year, we should learn to give thanks all the time.

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Top Ten Things I Have Learned About Parenting (For The Future)


I want to stress that I am not a parent. I absolutely admit that parenting goes beyond what people who don’t have children actually perceive.

The following points are simply some of the most important things I have learned by merely watching the successes and mistakes of other parents. You may or may not share the same views that I have on these topics, but I believe each of them may prove to be a good reminder down the road, be of some use for my future family, and might even give you some fresh ideas, if you are parents.

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Too Many Things Happened To Come Up With A Witty Title (Part 3)

Oh, dear. This post has certainly been a long time in coming! I actually have some spare-ish time while chillaxing in my bed during a thunderstorm to share with you some memories of BYC 2016! Just so you know, I won’t really be “catching up” on all the news since then, because there is way too much to go into. And my poor brain would be helplessly worn out. So in future posts, I will basically just be doing things in the present. Aside from Baby I care, chores, church, now school, the fair a couple weeks ago, et cetera, I have had to tackle my bedroom.

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Guest Post With Mariah Holloway: Author of Christian Historical Stories

I am excited and pleased to announce that we have a special post today! A sweet young lady, who I met at the Believer’s Youth Camp I talk about so often, has an incredible talent for writing stories.  I thought it would be fun to have kind of an informal interview with her, via email, and she was very gracious to answer some questions for us.

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